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​I am a Filmmaker, Photographer, a visual story teller. What started just as a hobby back in the 90's became the passion. I pursued Fashion and Portrait Photography as a specialisation through the decade. Things took a turn towards the end of 2012, when I ventured into short films along with my friends who shared the same passion. This is when I developed an inclination towards story telling in a motion picture format. Through the years, I honed my skills in all aspects of film making. It was then I decided to get formal education in the subject matter. I enrolled myself into a short term course on digital Film-making with "Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film" in Singapore. This course encompassed all aspects for digital film making viz., Direction, Cinematography, Script, Sound, Light and Editing techniques. 

I shot my first short film "The Decision" in March 2021 with a group of friends, implementing skills learned from the course. In the subsequent year I shot another film "Not Me". Both films won numerous awards across global film festivals. 


As I evolve, I am determined to create more films depicting human emotions with compelling storylines, that provides the audience an extraordinary experience of reality where they can relate to. An artistic representation of reality, illusions, dreams, drama and many more.
I gravitate to focus on drama, Art, experimental as well as Fictional genre backed by the latest tech in photography , cinematography, editing and visualization in my future projects.

- guRu-


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